Benefits of Pressure Washing

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Why do you need a professional for pressure washing?

Everyone and everything needs a bath at some point, even your home and the area surrounding it, like the deck, patio, or walkways. This is typically done by pressure washing and something you can do yourself with the high-pressured water nozzle attached to your garden hose, or you can buy a pressure washer that is specifically made for pressure washing. Or you can hire a professional to do the job and get results that will astound you. 

Well, nobody is saying your home “needs” a professional pressure washing. We are simply suggesting that when pressure washing is done by a professional, the results are usually better than they are with a DIY attempt. However, there are several reasons why hiring a professional for power washing may be the way to give your home and surrounding area a bath. 

  • A professional power washing service will know what to look for that needs to be leaned, like where insects live in next on homes, around driveways, and more. 
  • A professional pressure washing service doesn’t just point the hose and spray. They know the strength of the power to use on a house based on the type of siding. The technician will know how close to get to your deck, driveway, house, patio, and surrounding walkways without breaking anything and yet still get that stubborn algae, dirt, dust, and moss. 
  • Hiring a  professional pressure washing service, you’ll get the benefit of their commercial grade equipment and supplies. 
  • As a homeowner, you can save yourself time by hiring a professional pressure washing service twice a year and not take away any time from your family.  Every homeowner has better things to do on a Saturday or Sunday, especially when you have kids! 
  • Avoid future infestations with professional pressure washing because these technicians are trained and versed with what to look for with insect infestations around your driveway. 
  • A professional pressure washing can give your grease and oil stained concrete driveway a new look! This will also keep your driveway in health condition and extend its lifespan. 

Is it a good idea to power wash a roof?

By keeping a consistent pressure washing of your home’s roof, it will keep dirt, seeds, twigs, and wet leaves off of the roof that cause algae, lichen, mold, and other bacteria and contaminants to grow. This will prevent your roof from aging faster and require a new roof sooner than you’re ready. 

By having these consistent and regular pressure washings done by a professional, the appearance and curb appeal of your home will stay looking good, this is especially true of the roof.  A home with a clean and well-maintained roof say a lot about the owner and occupants. 

When a professional does the pressure washing of your roof they will also notice any areas of the roof that may need professional roofing contractor attention. A professional pressure washing service will help you preserve your home’s framework and integrity. 

Can I power wash moss off my roof?

You can, it is your home and your right to do as you please. However, doing your own pressure washing, if you damage anything in the process, you’ll be responsible for the repair or replacement, and you won’t have any guarantee or warranty. 

If you’re planning to attempt pressure washing your own roof, be aware of these inconsistencies: 

The output of the pressure needs to be regulated based on what you’re washing. When pressure washing is done without regulating the power, it can do severe damage to the roof, siding, or any area that you are pressure washing. Areas that need special attention when pressure washing are: 

  • Chimneys
  • Flashing
  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Vents

Most roofing materials and the components on a roof are not meant to endure direct hit pounding high pressure. Some of the things that can happen to your roof would be: 

  • Shortening the roof lifespan
  • Breaking and loosening shingles
  • Removing granules from the shingles
  • Break or crack roofing tile type roofing materials
  • Spreading the algae, fungus, lichen, moss and other organisms around the roof
  • Compromising weak areas of the roof with pressure washing

What is the best way to clean moss off a roof?

If hiring a professional pressure washing service isn’t in the budget right now, you can do the following to clean that algae and moss off your roof:  Mix liquid laundry soap with chlorine bleach at a 50:50 ration and add water. Using a pressure washing system on low, apply the mixture to your roof and allow it to dwell for 20 minutes. Next rinse with the same low setting on the pressure washer with clear water. 

Does cleaning your roof damage it?

Not when it is done correctly. By neglecting the roof, you are leaving it subjected to damages and expensive repairs. Annual cleaning and inspection is the best way to prevent those issues from happening and will give your roof a longer lifespan. 

However, pressure washing a roof is tricky. If not done correctly, you can do more damage than if you’d just let it go without washing it.  This is why a professional pressure washing service is always recommended. 

Can I pressure wash my roof myself?

Well, it depends, How do you pressure wash a roof? if you don’t have the answer to this question, we would recommend that you don’t do your on pressure washing for the roof, your home, driveway, deck, patio, or any other area of you home.  When you call around for quotes on getting a pressure washing service, you want to ask them their process for pressure washing a roof. If they do not mention adjusting the power based on the roof type and condition, you need to call another service. 

How often should you pressure wash your roof?

Minimum recommendation is every two to three years. If you are noticing algae, lichen, moss build up in between those times, a professional pressure washing can be one more frequent, which if you have trees around your home, you can almost expect this to happen.  If you are preparing your home for sale, a pressure washing of the entire house, including the roof, deck, patios, driveway, walkways  is always a plus for the curb appeal and could be the difference in your house selling faster than the one down the street. 

pressure washing a roof

Are there pros and cons of pressure washing a roof?

We aren’t coming up cons to pressure washing your roof, but we can offer you the following pros: 

  1. Increase Your Roof Lifespan
  2. Increase Your Property Value
  3. Reduce Energy Costs
  4. All of the above will save you money over time!

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