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As a commercial building owner, you likely have a flat or low-slope roof system to take care of! If you have a flat roof, you've probably run into problems such as pooling water, or even fungus or mildew growth. In order to address minor fixes swiftly, and to avoid costly, large repairs later on, be sure to set up regular commercial roofing inspections! At Raborns Roofing & Restorations, we are experts in flat roof repair in Georgia, and the surrounding areas, and our professionals can help you avoid severe damages to your roof and building. In fact, we have been servicing flat roofs for years, and we can even supply you with entire flat roof installations if needed!

Typical Flat Roof Repair Problems

When deciding on a commercial roofing system for the first time, it is good to understand that there are many different types of flat roofing available. While most commercial roofs are obviously flat, there are a variety of different types of flat roof systems available, including TPO, EPDM, PVC, and others! The types of repairs and perks you can expect will vary from roof type to roof type. The most common causes for damages that need flat roof repair are problems started by standing or pooling water, and the collection of debris and moisture, which is often a byproduct of a poorly installed or failing flat roof system. If you are already noticing issues with your flat roof, call Raborns Roofing & Restorations for speedy and affordable flat roof repair services you can count on!

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If you need a contractor that has a significant amount of experience and expertise finishing a variety of roofing solutions at a variety of budgets, you can depend on us. Our services range from preventative maintenance to complete flat roofing repairs and replacements! Our business has been serving this community for years by offering flat roof repair Georgia can trust! For assistance with your commercial flat roof, contact the roofing experts at Raborns Roofing & Restorations by calling (706) 814-3207 today!