Installation for Replacement Windows

Workers Installing Replacement Windows

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The windows on your home serve many different functions. They provide natural lighting. They can allow you to enjoy the scenic views outside your home. You can open them to let in the fresh, morning air. Some windows even increase the energy efficiency of your home. These reasons and more are why it is important to replace your windows when they start to show signs of aging. Raborns Roofing & Restorations offers services to install replacement windows in Augusta, GA. If you’re interested in a free quote for how much it would cost to get new windows in your home, call our office today at (706) 814-3207.

Do You Need Replacement Windows?

While broken window glass is a clear sign that you need a window replacement, there are several other, more subtle, indicators that it might be time to install some replacement windows in your home. Take a look around your home and give us a call is you notice any of the follow signs of deterioration in your windows.

New Replacement Windows

New Windows Can Increase the Property Value of Your Home.

Condensation Build Up
If you wake up in the morning and find water condensation on the inside of the glass, it is a sure sign that the window isn’t sealed properly anymore. This could cause water damage to the window seal and is probably allowing a lot of cold air to seep into the house as well.

Hot or Cold Glass
You should be able to comfortably touch the glass in your windows. If your windows burn your fingers in the summer or are icy cold in the winter, they are not properly insulating and you should consider replacing them.

Cracks In the Frame
The window frame is what holds the window securely in your home. Without this frame, the window would just fall through the hole in the wall. When the frame starts cracking or breaking, it could cause the window to shift or even get pushed out of position.

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