Perks of Choosing a Metal Roof

Metal Roofing System

Metal Roofing Offers Wonderful Energy Efficiency and Elemental Protection.

What if you never had to purchase another roof for your home? That’s a real possibility with modern metal roof systems. Gone are the days of noisy tin rooftops; instead, homeowners can enjoy decades of powerful protection with these three metal roofing solutions.

Steel: Robust Protection

Few metals enjoy the classic reputation of steel, which has been used for over a century for its sturdy frame. What many homeowners will be surprised to learn is that steel makes for a very lightweight roofing material. With a special zinc coating, steel can resist corrosion from rain and constant sunlight. In fact, steel is the slowest roofing metal to show signs of aging.

Aluminum: Fantastic Savings

Aluminum offers the strongest protection against rusting and corrosion out of any metal. This durable metal also helps your HVAC system consume less energy by reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The flexibility of aluminum allows it to conform to most rooftop designs, so more homeowners can enjoy the energy-efficiency savings.

Copper: Alluring Luxury

Considered by many as the premium choice for metal roofing systems, copper provides incredible aesthetic enhancement and protection for your home. While the initial investment for copper is much higher than other roofing systems, the metal can last for over a century and retain up to 95% of its starting value. To top it all off, each copper roofing system develops its own unique green or blue luster. In other words, every copper roof is unique.

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