Protecting Your Fascia Board and Gutters

Fascia Board

Your Fascia Serves as the Main Point of Attachment for Your Gutters and Protects Your Attic From Invaders.

One small part of your roofing system plays a big role in protecting your attic. Do you know what it is? Your fascia board! Without it, your insulation, attic, and the rest of your home could be exposed to several uninvited guests, including…

  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Vermin
  • Excessive Moisture
  • Gusts of Wind
  • and More!

So make sure your fascia board is kept clean and protected. Your entire home will thank you!

What is the Fascia Board?

This small board is located between your soffit (the exposed underside of your roof) and the rooftop itself. It serves as the primary attachment point for your gutters, which means it needs to be very sturdy. Many people don’t even know where the fascia (pronounced fey-shuh) is, or how what a significant job it has protecting your attic. This why board rot is so prevalent among homes today.

What Causes Fascia Boards to Rot?

While aluminum systems are much more resistant to natural wear and tear, wood fascia boards are susceptible to rot. This process is accelerated when gutters are clogged and splash water onto the connecting fascia. A loose gutter system can also damage your boards as it pulls away from the wood. Thankfully, there are ways to counter this damage.

First, consider LeafGuard gutters (or a similar covered gutter system) that will prevent clogs and splashing. Also make sure your gutter piping is firmly attached to your fascia board. Extended water leaks from your gutters (and the subsequent ground shifting) could have you calling your local Georgia plumber for slab leak repairs! Don’t wait for too long to fix the problem. You can also protect your soffit by having a protective coating installed over the paint.

Professional Soffit and Fascia Repair

If you need professional repairs or installation for your soffit or fascia board, our team is happy to help you! Find out more about our services and receive a quote for your project by calling the Raborns Roofing & Restorations team at (706) 814-3207!