Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

A Technician Repairs a Fence.

Should I repair or replace my fence?

Are you noticing warped, loose, or splintering fence posts? Does your fence look discolored? If so, you might be wondering if fence repair is necessary or if it’s time to replace your fence.

Many problems like loose or posts or warped planks normally just require a repair. But, repairs could be overwhelming. You might have more than one loose post or panel or several damaged pickets. If this damage covers more than 20% of your fencing, you’re likely to save money by replacing the fence, rather than making more and more repairs.

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How long should a wooden fence last?

Wooden privacy fences often enhance your home’s curb appeal while protecting it from intruders and keeping your family and pets safe. It’s been Raborns Roofing & Restorations‘s experience that most wooden fences last about 15-20 years before they start showing signs of weathering and wear such as splitting or rotting. It’s around this time you’ll begin to need fence repair more frequently. Maintenance, weathering, and usage will affect your fence’s durability.

Can you repair concrete fence posts?

If you have concrete footings supporting your fence posts, fence repair is possible in certain circumstances. First, determine whether or not the footing is still strong. If it’s cracked or moved, the best solution in most cases is to replace the post and the footing.

If the footing is still strong but the post is rotting, you can stabilize it and preserve its life for a few more years by driving shims in to support the post. You can also reuse the footing if the post is completely rotted away. All you need to do is replace the post by digging a new hole in the footing next to the old one. Or you can replace both the post and footings in the same location.

How do you fix a sagging fence?

Sagging is a common problem for backyard fences. It’s usually caused by vertical posts that rot or become unseated. It’s also a problem that requires fast fence repair to prevent the whole fence from falling. Follow these steps to get your fence upright again:

  • To keep the fence from sagging while you repair it, brace it with two-by-fours.
  • Reattach any rails that have come loose from firm posts. To tell if a post is firm, just push it from either side to make sure it won’t move.
  • Look for bad posts. These posts have lost anchoring so the fence will wobble or rock. These posts will need to be removed.
  • Dig new post holes. When digging the new holes, they should be at least two feet deep.
  • Cut a new post and drop it into the new hole you’ve dug. Secure the rails to it with 3 1/2-inch screws.
  • Once the rails are secure, new concrete is poured around the post. Before you pour the concrete, you can create a “nail tree” around the new posts for improved anchorage.
  • Reattach any pickets you had to remove to install your new posts.

How to repair fence gate

If you have a sagging fence, it’s also likely you’ll have a sagging fence gate. To make the fence repair on a sagging gate, you’ll need to install an anti-gate kit that will pull the gate’s sagging low corner toward the upper hinge.

  • Install the corner brackets from the anti-sag kit first on the gate frame. Put one bracket near the top hinge and the other on the diagonally opposed corner at the bottom corner opposite of the bottom hinge.
  • Fully extend the turnbuckle by unscrewing it before hooking it onto the upper corner bracket. The cable is then threaded through the turnbuckle to the lower corner bracket and the cable ends are secured.
  • The cable is cinched with take-up fittings and then tightened using the turnbuckle and adjustable wrench or pliers. This pulls the gate into a square. Make sure the gate closes properly and tighten the cable until it does.

Does homeowners insurance cover fence replacement?

Standard homeowner’s insurance packages do not cover detached structures like fences. Coverage for such structures falls under optional packages that are often limited. If you need to replace a damaged fence when you have this coverage, replacement costs will be for the actual cash value of the fence, which means the insurance company takes into account your fence’s condition and age. The damage also has to be caused by a covered peril, in other words, an event out of your control like a storm. If the damage is a result of neglect or poor maintenance, it won’t be covered.

Who pays for fence repair between neighbors?

If you share a fence with your neighbor, unless otherwise specified, both you and your neighbor are responsible for fence repair. Should your neighbor refuse to cooperate with repairs you can take several courses of action ranging from writing the neighbor a letter to explain the problem to get the repair work performed and requesting the neighbor pay their part to going into mediation or filing a lawsuit against your neighbor.

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No matter what kind of fence you have, when it’s sagging or otherwise damaged, and you need a reliable fence repair service in Augusta, GA, you can always count on Raborns Roofing & Restorations. We have the perfect repair solution to fit your needs. Call us at (706) 814-3207 to get an estimate or set up a service appointment.