Should You Hire a Professional for Bathroom Tile Installation?

Tile being set and installed

Clean tile look

If you’re remodeling or updating your bathroom, the first thing you’ll notice about bathroom tiles and remodeling is the wide selection of materials and shapes that bathroom tiles come in today, not to mention the many colors! Surprisingly, not all bathroom tiles are suitable for wet areas – an oxymoron, it seems, right? What are bathroom tiles suitable for if they can’t get wet? 

There are two types of bathroom tiles: virtuosity and nonvitreous.  Vitreous tile is non-absorbent and is excellent for areas where the is splashing, like the bathtub and shower areas.  The nonvitreous absorbs water and best used for accent areas in the bathroom. Bathroom tiles come glazed and unglazed too, with the glazed bathroom tiles being impervious to water, the unglazed tiles aren’t. 

How do I choose a bathroom tile?

Bathroom tile will make the biggest impression when you’re done remodeling or updating your bathroom. From the bathtub and shower to the walls to the floors, the bathroom tile is where the design starts. With all the choices of bathroom tiles, these five steps can help you choose and where to start:  

The Budget. 

Step one is that fits your budget. When you know you have a certain amount you can dedicate to tile, then you can narrow down your choice between a ceramic, natural stone, or porcelain. Each of these have their pros and cons, and you want to consider who is using this bathroom the most and the level of activity it will see day-to-day. A half guest bath will have light use compared to the hall bathroom that the kids use. 

The Color Scheme. 

Start creating your bathroom color palette with the cabinet and vanity. Once you have those selected, you can build the color palette from those. 

The Tile Size. 

Tile is in constant evolution. Once upon a time, small tiles were the way to go, but today 12x24s tiles are the new standard. A big tile will make a small bathroom appear more prominent.  

The Look. 

With your budget determined and your color scheme decided, time to visit showrooms. Bathroom tiles all have a certain aesthetic. For a classic and traditional style, Carrara marble is the better choice. Rectified tiles are the match for the metal and stainless steel modern bathroom. If rustic is your design taste, white walls with ceramic tiles are perfect with a wood floor. Take paint samples with you as well as pictures of the cabinets, countertops, and any specific bathroom accessories you want to create your desired look. 

What is the best tile for bathroom walls?

The tile around the bathtub and shower will be the first thing anyone notices, so you want to choose a tile that will be the decorative focus and vibe for the bathroom. Once you have that decision made, the rest of your bathroom will fall in line.  Slip-resistance isn’t an issue with wall bathroom tile. You do need to choose tiles that are made for a wet environment, though. There are many different choices: 

  • Ceramic / Porcelain: A popular choice and traditional types, these man-made material bathroom tiles come with a clear protective glaze that is baked-on, making them durable and low maintenance.
  • Glass: This bathroom tile is growing in popularity for a modern and unique bathroom look, and the color choices seem never to end. The transparency reflects light so that the color comes through and makes the shower look bigger.
  • Marble/Stone: A popular choice when appearance is the concern and durability isn’t, like the rarely used guest bathroom.

Other Notes: Small glass tile is better in the shower than large glass tile because of the possible moisture trapping behind them. Have a second choice in bathroom tile for contrast, like a feature wall, will give your remodeled, updated bathroom a point of interest. Tile the shower from the floor to the ceiling to give your new bathroom a high-end look, and remember, it’s not all looks when it comes to bathroom tile, there is the cleaning factor to consider too. Small tile means more grout lines to clean. 

What tiles for the bathroom floor?

Porcelain tile undoubtedly is the best and most popular choice for a bathroom floor. It is denser, harder, and less porous, more stain-resistant and water-resistant and a suitable bathroom tile for radiant in-floor heating. The design versatility that porcelain bathroom tile offers for flooring can’t be matched and can mimic a granite or limestone look. 

Porcelain tile come in two basic types: Through-bodied that offers color and texture through that disguise chips or scratches. It is durable and robust, comes without a glaze that will wear off, making it great for high traffic areas like floors or high use like countertops, and still looks great on the wall. Then there is the Glazed porcelain bathroom tile that has a hard finish that is dense, strong and comes in a variety of colors and designs. 

What is the cheapest tile?

Between the most expensive ceramic and most expensive porcelain bathroom tiles,15 percent are close in price, with the porcelain being the slightly more expensive of the two. With that in mind, once you below that top 15 percent, the prices have a dramatic diverge, making the ceramic bathroom tile the less expensive. 

Still, ceramic tile should not be used in an area that is consistently moist or wet, like around the bathtub or in the shower.  On the other walls, ceramic will be a great choice, and you can use the money you save to choose a higher-end bathroom tile for the bath and tub shower. 

Bathroom with freshly installed tile

Which color is best for bathroom tiles?

Again, your color scheme should be grounded by the cabinetry and countertops, as we discussed earlier if classic is your design style, navy, and white pair well together and makes a statement. Then there is harmonizing neutral colors and creating a statement wall in the shower with subway tiles in an eye-catching green. 

Many homeowners choose to do their own bathroom tiles installation after watching all the shows on television today. However, if you want a pristine finished look and you want to know that it is there to stay, then hiring a professional is recommended. Call (706) 814-3207 for tile installation today from the experts at Raborns Roofing & Restorations.