The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your House

Just like all things exposed to the elements and dirt, roofs will get filthy over time. Pressure
washing uses high-powered pressurized water to blast debris and grime off your roof and sides of your home to effectively clean it. Here are some reasons why pressure washing is beneficial to your house:

Prevents Bacteria Growth

Pressure washers blasts away mildew, mold, algae and any other hamrful bacteria or fungi growing on your roof.

Saves You Backbreaking Work

A Pressure Washing Can Make Your Home Look Brand New

Using a pressure washer to clean your roof saves you hours of time and labor bending over on your hands and knees perched precariously on a ladder or the roof scrubbing at buildup that has collected for years. With a pressure washer hose, you can clean your roof from the comfort of a ladder.

Some Premium Roofs Can Only Be Cleaned With Pressure Washing

If you have a wood shake roof, slate or tile roof, or have single ply roofing, pressure washing is the preferred method of cleaning as it does not damage the roofing material. Especially with wood shake roofs, they can only be cleaned with pressure washers as leaves, rotting wood, and algae get blasted away.

Boosts Curb Appeal

No one is going to want to buy a house if it looks dingy, beat up, and not taken care of. This is the look prospective homebuyers will get if they see your roof has black lines of grime buildup. A good pressure washing can make all the difference in helping to finalize the sale of a home.

Can Be Used On Multiple Parts of the House

Pressure washing is not just used for roofs. If you have a dirty garage, deck, gutters, windows, or siding, all of these can be cleaned with a pressure washer.

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