What should I know before remodeling my kitchen?

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What should I know before remodeling my kitchen?

Is your kitchen feeling and looking outdated? Have the joys of cooking long since disappeared? Or maybe you’re considering placing your home up for sale and maybe an updated kitchen will bring you bigger offers. 

Regardless of the reason, knowing how to remodel a kitchen will make the task easier. So if you have great kitchen remodel ideas, but only know kitchen remodel basics, the information we have here can help. 

So, where to start a kitchen remodel project?   

Shopping for your dream appliances may be how you start your kitchen remodel. The basics of a kitchen are the appliances, right? Or maybe you’re started by looking at some different kitchen remodel styles in magazines, online, and in stores. What you need to realize is that the only deadline you have to make is the one you impose yourself. 

With that being stated, it isn’t unusual for a kitchen remodel to take a year or more. Especially if you’re going to have an interior designer help with the kitchen remodel basics and plans. Then hiring a general contractor can take time with interviews and reference checks. It can be overwhelming, so here we offer you a kitchen remodel to-do list as recommended by professionals: 

Step 1 – Preparation

There are never-ending avenues to get ideas on what you want for your kitchen remodel. Basics and the details can be found online at boutique dealers, and home improvement centers. The choices and products are endless and enticing, but with some preparation, it can be a manageable project. Start by creating a list of why this kitchen remodel is needed – what is your end goal? Three things you should keep in mind: 

  • Your household’s lifestyle needs.
  • Maximize the dimensions of the space you have.
  • Staying within your budget.

Step 2 –Wants and Needs

Do you want a gourmet kitchen or a family-style kitchen that can be used for entertaining too? What is it you want at the end of this project? Assess your needs, list your wants, and then observe how your kitchen is currently working for how you use it. Kitchen remodel basics include answers to questions that can make an impact on your remodel such as: 

  • Who does most of the cooking? 
  • How often do you cook in your kitchen?
  • What kitchen equipment is used the most?
  • What different activities go on in the kitchen? Is it the homework hub, where bills are paid and the laundry gets folded? 
  • Is there ample storage that’s easy to access? 
  • Are recycling and trash easy to access?
  • Is there ample counter space or do you need more? Where?
  • What do you like and dislike about your kitchen?
  • If you can change anything about your kitchen, what would it be? 
  • What kitchen remodel basics are missing? 
  • Do you like your kitchen’s current layout?
  • What colors do you like for a kitchen? 

Step 3 –Timeline

How long this kitchen remodel will take will depend on how detailed you’re going to remodel. For an average kitchen remodel basics, it can take between six and nine months. Some kitchen remodels are completed within a month, some have taken over a year. If you’re trying to get your house on the market at a certain time or maybe you want it done by the holidays, plan accordingly. 

Step 4 –Goals

With your needs identified, you can list project goals of the improvements you need and want. A typical kitchen remodel has basic goals usually along these lines:

  • Want to increase the resale value 
  • More counter space and storage
  • A bigger, spacious, open layout
  • Updated appliances
  • A new look 
  • New flooring
  • A coffee bar 
  • A charging station

Step 5 –Shopping

Shopping for most kitchen remodel basics can take hours. The choices in kitchen faucets can be overwhelming, and expensive! That doesn’t even touch the shopping for these important components of your kitchen remodel:

  • Appliances
  • Backsplash
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Sinks and faucets

Each of these categories has multitudes of brands and materials. The installation method, the warranty, and the cost need to be considered along with the care and maintenance required.

Step 6 – The Budget

This is always the first question any kitchen designer and general contractor will ask, and even if you’re doing the work yourself, should be your first decision. You’ll need to take the steps we’ve listed before you can really set a firm budget. You need to know what things cost first. Then you can decide if you can cut back in one area to pay for something else you need or want more. 

Step 7 – You or Pros?

If you’re going to do your own kitchen remodel, basics of what is needed and where to start are important. If you’re going to hire out the job, your main two players you need are a kitchen designer and a general contractor. The kitchen designer will take your ideas, needs, and want and create a kitchen space that ensures all of that is met with efficiency and functionality at the best value. The general contractor will coordinate all the build-out, installation, including electrical and plumbing. They are the ones that will keep things on track to meet your deadline. 

What is the cost of a typical kitchen remodel?

One of the most important kitchen remodel basics is the budget. According to experts in this area, you can expect to spend between $12,000 and $35,000 with an average of around $22,000. The more detailed and high-end components you choose, the more it will cost. The cabinetry alone can cost close to $10,000 or 30% of the budget. 

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Well, as we answered in the last question, it would appear to be the cabinetry. If storage is an issue, you’re going to need cabinetry, so it only makes sense. The next biggest expense is the appliances, then electrical and plumbing come in next. 

Is it worth it to remodel a kitchen?

If this is your forever home and it brings back the joy in cooking for you, then absolutely, yes, kitchen remodel basics and even high-end designs for the kitchen are worth every penny you spend! If you’re planning on selling your home, spending $68,000 on a kitchen remodel, you can expect to get almost 59% back in ROI. This means it’s a great idea, but you may want to be a bit pickier with your budget.

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At The Start Of This Project – Who designs a kitchen remodel?

You can work with an architect, but the best person to use would be a designer – one that specializes in kitchens. They may have an architect, engineer, and general contractor on the team, or within their connections. Or they may work with whoever you chose to hire. Regardless, the point is to choose a professional that is certified, licensed, insured, and most of all experienced with current references.